Summer Plans

Summer is just around the corner and I don’t know how much longer I can go on. My running through the finish line is more like a slow and painful crawl. The last possible day that I could be on campus is May 3rd, and that day could not come any sooner. I do have a lot of work to finish before then, unfortunately.

In my Spanish class, I am trying to finish with an A but I don’t know if it is possible. I would have to completely slay my final, and that could potentially be very difficult. If I come out with an 88 or 89, I will actually spontaneously combust.

I also only have one test left in my psychology class. My professor has a really cool rule, if my average is an A before the final, I won’t have to take the final. I currently have a 90… I have one more test left before the final. If I don’t royally screw it up, I will be okay because I also turned in some extra credit papers.

I also have about 2 weeks to finish an entire website from scratch. That is going to be the biggest assignment that I have to finish. I just don’t have any creative juices left in my brain. They have been completely wiped out from this school year. I am trying to find something really interesting to write on and about, but it is hard for me to not see it as cliché. My brain has been fighting with me lately, but I will be victorious at all costs.

See you next week.



In creating my website, I want to use SEOs. I am still somewhat confused about how they completely work, but they do interest me. I definitely want to have a good SEO. I think that having a high clink or multiple click orders on an SEO search will help with traffic and bring more people to my website. I think SEOs are very important to small businesses and smaller personal websites. If you can take advantage of SEOs, your website can benefit tremendously. Professionally, I think it proves that you understand how to bring people to your website and content. As aPR/Advertising major, my understanding of SEOs will probably really set me apart and be unique to my skill set.

There are some disadvantages to SEOs like the video mentioned. You want you SEO to be as customized and direct as possible. If I was searching for, lets say, horses for sale, I want actual live horses. I don’t want My Little Pony or taxidermy. So I want to make sure that my SEO is relevant to the service that I actually provide. I don’t want potential customers to leave because they didn’t find what they were looking for.

There is also a lot of competition to show up quicker and higher on Google or Bing searches. I may go 1-2 pages deep on a Google search, so I would want a link to my site to show up that high too. But, I think that it would take a long time to establish a good enough report for Google to put my link that high up.

In summary, SEOs can be an amazing tool for a business or person to use. But it can also take time and patience to optimize it exactly how perfectly you want it.