So as some of you may know, I have applied for the Disney College Program internship three times now. On April 14th, it was supposed to be the last possible day to hear back from the recruiters at Disney as to whether or not we had been accepted. In the past, I have waited until the last possible day and just been declined.

Of course, Disney has teased me once again, and put me on a waitlist. So I have neither been denied or accepted just yet. The email that they sent me was very generic. They basically said that I will continue to be in consideration for two more weeks, until April 28th. It also includes the line saying that they anticipate more openings to happen and so I don’t really know how to interpret that.

I am trying to be hopeful that more openings will come about, but I am also trying to be realistic and make plans for next semester. What are the chances that I get accepted now? I have zero idea and it is driving me mad. I really want to be in Orlando next semester instead of school, but Disney is dragging this out and making it difficult to plan. Hopefully, good vibes will be coming my way and I will be able to get in soon. I don’t want to be given hope from this email just to have it taken away again.


Domain Names

Thinking up domain names has proven to be extremely difficult. When I think of the great domain names like Google and Yahoo, I feel like my domain names has to be just as great and earth shattering. So I definitely think that there is a lot of pressure to find an incredible domain name.

Some of the domain names I have brainstormed are:

  1. Hahahutch (I have used this as a username before)
  2. afhutchens
  3. Hutchens af


Hahahutch is currently available. I definitely like that one the most. afhutchens is also available. It is a close second contender to hahahutch. Hutchens af is available too. I have a bunch of options for a website domain.

Unless I really plan on using a personal website, I don’t plan on buying a personal domain name. If I am starting a business, I would probably 100% buy a domain name. But, there are also so many websites that offer free blogs/websites. I know from experience that a lot of people, bands, and businesses use Tumblr for their website needs. Tumble is also very accessible and fully customizable, so it is a free option as opposed to buying a domain name.

Using a free host just seems to make more sense right now for me. I am not looking into doing anything professionally any time soon, so free is nice. Also as a business or professional just starting out, I probably won’t have the money available to buy and continue to own a domain name.