Domain Names

Thinking up domain names has proven to be extremely difficult. When I think of the great domain names like Google and Yahoo, I feel like my domain names has to be just as great and earth shattering. So I definitely think that there is a lot of pressure to find an incredible domain name.

Some of the domain names I have brainstormed are:

  1. Hahahutch (I have used this as a username before)
  2. afhutchens
  3. Hutchens af


Hahahutch is currently available. I definitely like that one the most. afhutchens is also available. It is a close second contender to hahahutch. Hutchens af is available too. I have a bunch of options for a website domain.

Unless I really plan on using a personal website, I don’t plan on buying a personal domain name. If I am starting a business, I would probably 100% buy a domain name. But, there are also so many websites that offer free blogs/websites. I know from experience that a lot of people, bands, and businesses use Tumblr for their website needs. Tumble is also very accessible and fully customizable, so it is a free option as opposed to buying a domain name.

Using a free host just seems to make more sense right now for me. I am not looking into doing anything professionally any time soon, so free is nice. Also as a business or professional just starting out, I probably won’t have the money available to buy and continue to own a domain name.