Online Learning

After looking through the list of potential online learning resources, I have come to find that I think that, Google Code University, and Treehouse are the most useful.

Being a woman in technology, we are few and far between. Seeing another woman is refreshing and more relatable to me. It makes me want to continue and higher the number of women who can create websites and such.

Google Cody University seemed great also. Google is a reliable source, and I feel like they have put a lot of effort into their resources. It claims to start form the very bottom up, and if I didn’t practice some of this in class already, I would need it. Google Code University also provides video which is a lot more entertaining than just sitting at a computer and reading what I am supposed to do.

Treehouse is completely video-based. As I said before for Google Code University, videos are somewhat easier to follow when you can visually see what is supposed to be happening. It is not free and requires a subscription, but as a result, the videos are much higher quality and professionally made.

I think that all three of these resources can be useful. If I was to completely learn online for CA 260, I think that I wouldn’t like it. I enjoy being in class and working hands on. Also, if I have questions or am confused it is much more difficult to get those questions answered in a timely and complete manner. Having another resource like a teacher just makes the course a complete circle.


Hello again.

I haven’t done just a simple update in a while. I am getting ready to make plans for the last couple of semesters of college. It is scary to think that I am almost done, but I also have so much that I want to fit in before I graduate. The two main ones: The Disney College Program and Study Abroad.

I have applied for the DCP 3 times now, and I have yet to get in. I am getting a little discouraged, but it is a huge dream of mine to do it. Hopefully within the last two weeks that I can hear back for this season and next season, I will be accepted. If not, I can always wait until the semester after I graduate, but I will need to be looking for job.

Study abroad is giving me a lot of anxiety. I have to choose exactly where I want to go, big city or smaller town. Europe or Australia. Do I want to go to an English speaking country to not? Which school to go to. Is it worth it? Will I even be able to pay for it? If not, are taking loans out for it worth it? I am scared of the experience that I might get, but I think that forcing myself to go will help a lot.

4 semesters left (hopefully!) and hopefully I will be able to fit exactly what I want to do in it.

CMS I Recommend

I would recommend that the business use WordPress. There are a couple of reasons. It has so many features that would be beneficial to the company that other CMSes aren’t capable of or are not as good as.

The WordPress about page lists:

  1. It is multilingual. So it is accessible to so many more people.
  2. Easy instillation, and able to make it your own.
  3. Media and user management. Able to define exactly what you want.
  4. Easy themes. Make the website and information fit exactly how you want it.

I also have personally used it. I know exactly how easy it is to use. It will cause less stress than I believe the other CMSes will. WordPress is so versatile, and I can’t see businesses using something else. Not only can the business use it, but employees can personally use it for blogs. It is capable of letting employees reach out directly to customers, which is what some businesses miss out on.

All in all, I believe that WordPress is the best CMS that businesses can use. It has so many aspects of it that make it second to none.

Making Decisions

Currently, I am 20 years old and I still live at home. I have a job but it doesn’t provide enough for me to live on my own completely independently. As I have said before in my blog post, I feel stuck. I am tired of still living with my parents, but I am afraid to be on my own. Soon, a decision will have to be made regarding my future plans.

I am considering just taking the plunge and transferring to a school in Seattle, Washington. It is far away from Mobile, and I will have to figure out things by myself. Unfortunately, going to that school will require me to take out student loans that I don’t currently have to do for South Alabama. That is my biggest concern. Do I go into debt hopefully for a better situation, or stay at home and stay out of debt and eventually still have to move.

I am applying for multiple internships that will give me some time to save a little and see what the plan is. I am planning on visiting the University of Washington within the next month or two, and if I like the tour enough, I will apply for the Spring semester.

So pray for me, or send good vibes and positive thoughts my way. Whatever you believe in, it doesn’t matter.  I need all the help I can get at this point!

All About Emails

When trying to set up a filter for my jag mail account, I found it to be extremely easy. The process was straightforward and I was able to do it with little difficulty. Specifically, I chose to add a filter that automatically starred as important an emails with the words CA 220 in them. That way, I am able to see the email quickly and know that it is something I need to either read or respond to in a timely manner.

I think that using the filters will be helpful in the future. I had no idea that I could utilize this feature before finishing this module. Now I think that I can completely transform my email account and make it more efficient.

Asking yourself “Why am I sending this? What do I need from the recipient?” from the How to Write Clear and Professional Emails article is such an easy way to reduce problems when sending emails. Taking just a few seconds to figure out exactly what needs to be said can save so much time.

For a mock email about me having to leave the lab class early:

Dear Professor Davis,

My name is Abigail Hutchens, and I am in your CA 220 class.

I have really enjoyed the class so far and am looking forward to the rest of the semester.

Next week, I will be leaving the lab class early, an dI just wanted to let you know.

It would be extremely helpful if when I return, I could get the work that I will miss.

Thank you for your time.

Abigail Hutchens


Anxiety in the Future.

Recently, I have been worrying about my future. I have never been a fair of the uncertain. I am a fan of plans and not changing them. But with jobs, internships, and the future, I am losing my mind.

I look in the mirror everyday and see more and more gray hairs. I swear that I will be fully gray by the time I am 30. It seems like most people tell me that, “oh it will all work out in the end.” Well that doesn’t make me feel any better.

Ever since I can remember, I am have never dealt with being overwhelmed well at all. On top of that, I have anxiety about the smallest of details. I am also a perfectionist. This is just a recipe for disaster. I remember mistakes that I made years ago like it was just yesterday.

With time, I have learned to cope a little with my anxiety and fear. It still is one of my demons, and I don’t think that I will ever fully be comfortable.

My mind just constantly thinks about what can go wrong, and tells me that I’m not good enough or that I am not going to get what I want in life.

I try my hardest to not let that affect my relationships and friend ships. I have always felt like putting the burden on others is even worse. As a result, I don’t like opening up to other people.

Hopefully in the future, I won’t fret so much about THE FUTURE. Constantly, I try to find tools that will help ease my worry. I actually do think the blogging has helped a lot. I can really figure out what is so troubling. And talking or writing about it, makes it less of a problem.

I plan to keep blogging in the future, I know that for sure. That is one thing that I am  not worried about at all.

Accessibility Online

Because I am not disabled myself, having to cater to those who are was not something that I was aware of when I first started to make websites. After realizing how much different the Internet and websites look to individuals, I have learned that my website has to be accessible to many different people.

The video posted on Sakai did a good job at opening my eyes to the different ways that I need to make sure my website is working. I have to make sure that my website is able to be read by people with blindness, colorblindness, hearing impairments, and other disabilities.

For screenreaders, I have to make sure that my code is understandable. Making sure that nothing is confusing for the user. Also, videos need to be configured so that they do not automatically play when a website or tab is opened.

When using certain colors, I have to make sure that they are accessible to colorblind users. Certain colors are better to use than others, and I need to make sure that I am consistent with their usage throughout my website.

People with hearing impairments have to be able to utilize videos as well. Videos need to have closed captioning options. And to increase accessibility even more, the captions need to be able to be translated into other languages.

Those with ADHD or Aspergers need to be taken into account also. The website needs to be as clean and stable as possible. It needs to not have so much stimulus that they feel uncomfortable and ultimately leave the website.

As for other aspects of accessibility that was not mentioned in this module, the younger generation needs to be able to use the website as much as the older. The verbiage and other topics need to be able to be understood by everyone that possibly visits the site.

This module was very eye opening, and it has caused me to think about how I want to make my website better in the future.