Online Learning

After looking through the list of potential online learning resources, I have come to find that I think that, Google Code University, and Treehouse are the most useful.

Being a woman in technology, we are few and far between. Seeing another woman is refreshing and more relatable to me. It makes me want to continue and higher the number of women who can create websites and such.

Google Cody University seemed great also. Google is a reliable source, and I feel like they have put a lot of effort into their resources. It claims to start form the very bottom up, and if I didn’t practice some of this in class already, I would need it. Google Code University also provides video which is a lot more entertaining than just sitting at a computer and reading what I am supposed to do.

Treehouse is completely video-based. As I said before for Google Code University, videos are somewhat easier to follow when you can visually see what is supposed to be happening. It is not free and requires a subscription, but as a result, the videos are much higher quality and professionally made.

I think that all three of these resources can be useful. If I was to completely learn online for CA 260, I think that I wouldn’t like it. I enjoy being in class and working hands on. Also, if I have questions or am confused it is much more difficult to get those questions answered in a timely and complete manner. Having another resource like a teacher just makes the course a complete circle.


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