Current Tunes

I recently dove really deep in Spotify to find new music. I don’t really enjoy listening to the radio anymore because they play the same songs over and over. After really scouring other playlists and just form hearing songs every once in a while, I have created a Current personal playlist. I just thought that I would share with you what songs I have put on there.

Now the title “current” might be a little deceiving because not all of these songs have come out recently. I have songs that are 30 or 40 years old on there. But, the title comes from my currently listening to them.

  1. Where’s My Love– Syml: This song is best in its acoustic version. It is a good song to listen to when you are driving home late at night.
  2. Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles: This song is just a classic, and if it doesn’t make you feel happy then you need to figure out your life.
  3. Wish I Knew You- The Revivalists: The Revivalists are form New Orleans so they are basically a hometown band. They play in Downtown Mobile all the time anyway. I love the music video, and the song being good is just an added bonus.
  4. Knife Edge: Matt Corby: Matt Corby is probably one of the best voices in his genre. His songs are so full of heart, and Knife Edge is no exception.
  5. Real Love Baby: Father John Misty: FJM is a character in and of himself. Just read his recent interview that he did with Rolling Stone and you will understand.

Theres more on my playlist but I will update you next time!


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