Hello again.

I haven’t done just a simple update in a while. I am getting ready to make plans for the last couple of semesters of college. It is scary to think that I am almost done, but I also have so much that I want to fit in before I graduate. The two main ones: The Disney College Program and Study Abroad.

I have applied for the DCP 3 times now, and I have yet to get in. I am getting a little discouraged, but it is a huge dream of mine to do it. Hopefully within the last two weeks that I can hear back for this season and next season, I will be accepted. If not, I can always wait until the semester after I graduate, but I will need to be looking for job.

Study abroad is giving me a lot of anxiety. I have to choose exactly where I want to go, big city or smaller town. Europe or Australia. Do I want to go to an English speaking country to not? Which school to go to. Is it worth it? Will I even be able to pay for it? If not, are taking loans out for it worth it? I am scared of the experience that I might get, but I think that forcing myself to go will help a lot.

4 semesters left (hopefully!) and hopefully I will be able to fit exactly what I want to do in it.


One thought on “Hello again.

  1. I feel you with Study Abroad! I studied abroad in my third year of uni and it took me a long time to decide between schools. I eventually decided to go with where I’d have the best time vs what was better for my transcript and I’m really glad I was lucky enough to be able to make that call. Regardless of where you choose to go, it is so incredibly worth it! Good luck with Disney and deciding 🙂


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