CMS I Recommend

I would recommend that the business use WordPress. There are a couple of reasons. It has so many features that would be beneficial to the company that other CMSes aren’t capable of or are not as good as.

The WordPress about page lists:

  1. It is multilingual. So it is accessible to so many more people.
  2. Easy instillation, and able to make it your own.
  3. Media and user management. Able to define exactly what you want.
  4. Easy themes. Make the website and information fit exactly how you want it.

I also have personally used it. I know exactly how easy it is to use. It will cause less stress than I believe the other CMSes will. WordPress is so versatile, and I can’t see businesses using something else. Not only can the business use it, but employees can personally use it for blogs. It is capable of letting employees reach out directly to customers, which is what some businesses miss out on.

All in all, I believe that WordPress is the best CMS that businesses can use. It has so many aspects of it that make it second to none.


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