Accessibility Online

Because I am not disabled myself, having to cater to those who are was not something that I was aware of when I first started to make websites. After realizing how much different the Internet and websites look to individuals, I have learned that my website has to be accessible to many different people.

The video posted on Sakai did a good job at opening my eyes to the different ways that I need to make sure my website is working. I have to make sure that my website is able to be read by people with blindness, colorblindness, hearing impairments, and other disabilities.

For screenreaders, I have to make sure that my code is understandable. Making sure that nothing is confusing for the user. Also, videos need to be configured so that they do not automatically play when a website or tab is opened.

When using certain colors, I have to make sure that they are accessible to colorblind users. Certain colors are better to use than others, and I need to make sure that I am consistent with their usage throughout my website.

People with hearing impairments have to be able to utilize videos as well. Videos need to have closed captioning options. And to increase accessibility even more, the captions need to be able to be translated into other languages.

Those with ADHD or Aspergers need to be taken into account also. The website needs to be as clean and stable as possible. It needs to not have so much stimulus that they feel uncomfortable and ultimately leave the website.

As for other aspects of accessibility that was not mentioned in this module, the younger generation needs to be able to use the website as much as the older. The verbiage and other topics need to be able to be understood by everyone that possibly visits the site.

This module was very eye opening, and it has caused me to think about how I want to make my website better in the future.


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