Making a Homepage

After watching the video posted on Sakai and reading the article, it really opened my eyes up to the little things that I might have looked over. I didn’t realize just how hard it can be to make a homepage that is worthy of attracting an audience.

The video made a couple of great points:

  1. Table of Contents: I really thought that I should just have very broad homepage so that people will look through my website. But in actuality, the homepage needs to have quick information so that people can really get the gist of what I am trying to convey.
  2. Content Silos: Coming from the homepage, the content silos are a great idea. It really makes figuring out exactly what you want to say easier. I would have never thought to keep my homepage like a catalogue with everything you can find in one place.
  3. Scrollable: At first I was really trying to make my homepage as little as possible, almost to the point where a scroll bar ins’t needed. I have come to realize that everything needs the correct amount of space to look cohesive and scrolling makes people happy.

The article also did a great job at making me think:

  1. Multiple Landing Pages: I didn’t even consider that people can find my website through multiple links, pages, and searches. So I definitely have to consider making sure that all of the pages make sense and the audience knows what is happening.
  2. Separate Pages: I tried to keep pages really broad, and in doing so, I cluttered up everything. I now have gone back and really focused on my page grouping and the information that I put in certain places.

I think that this module really helped me in creating a website that is more user-friendly. I have really thought a lot about how I want to make my own website better.



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