Weebly Website

Weebly is very useful when looking to create a website. The themes are ready to use, and are extremely customizable. There are themes for every wish and want. Photographers, creative designers, businesses, and bloggers can all use Weebly to promote themselves or their business.

Setting up the account was simple and direct. The website itself is easy to use and effective. I haven’t had to search around for anything I am trying to find. I am very impressed in how useful I have found Weebly to be, and I have only been using it for a few minutes.

I chose a birdseye theme because I want the home page to really get the attention of visitors. Once someone finds something on my site that interests them, then they can dive a little deeper into my website. Also, I make YouTube videos in my spare time, and the theme I am using already has a video link configured into the design, so I won’t be messing anything up if I tried to add one.

I really do believe that I will probably keep the theme, but I will definitely be customizing it. I am hoping to have a friend take some pictures of me so that I can upload them. I want to make the website as personal as possible. Hopefully, the pictures will do the trick!



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