Dos and Don’ts

The most interesting points that stood out to me after reading the blog writing tips was the crutch word and don’t write long paragraphs. I have been bombarded with grammar classes and essays my entire life. I have always been told that paragraphs are necessary and need to be structured correctly. Also, my word choices need to be varied at all times. So to see some opposing viewpoints and similar ones helps tremendously.

In my desired field, I need to be able to write for both traditional and new media. Traditional meaning newspapers and articles. New media includes blogs and social media. Not only do I need to be able to write, but I need to be able to write well. The more practice I have, the more confident I will be in the future.

Each week, I want to try and find my voice even more. I think that will just take some time. The more I get comfortable with my own voice and personality, it will show in my writing. Honestly, I think that I am a funny person. If you ask my friends or family, I believe that they will describe me similarly. I want to showcase that in my blog.

Maybe I will even start to end or begin my blog posts in a certain way. Let’s think… I will leave you with a quote from my favorite book growing up, The Outsiders.

“Stay gold”



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